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It can safely be assumed, that if you happen to be looking over this, you have an interest in BDSM to some degree. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran for the needs, wants and compulsions in the D/s lifestyle, or perhaps a newbie to the fulfilling and life-altering experiences that BDSM can offer, you can discover new sensations, broaden your horizons, if you’ll. You are never too old or knowledgeable to expand your boundaries.

The truth is, few women care. The old saying “it’s not the dimensions that matters but exactly how you have it” is based on fact, instead of wishful thinking. Women remember not your penis size but how you have made like to them. Having a large tool to utilize won’t always guarantee good results. As most women could attest, it does not take patience, care, and attention their partner showed them during lovemaking that made them memorable greater than their physical attributes. Insights On Criteria For https://hookupguru.com

Help For Premature Ejaculation – Try the Stop-Start Technique

There are many ways of removing the challenge. Adults would be wise to keep their skin moisturized given that they are apt to have dried-out skin. The face should be washed twice every single day with mild cleansers to get reduce excess oils. They should get adequate sleep. They ought to be relaxed and not really stressed out. Regular exercise is essential. Updates On Immediate Programs In https://www.themodernman.com/sex-advice/5-ways-to-make-a-woman-want-to-have-sex-with-you.html

Lifestyle also can play a huge role within the formation of acne therefore a good diet and a frequent exercise program tend to be necessary in enabling eliminate acne. Eating a lot of fresh veggies and cereals that are antioxidants will help your whole body to get eliminate toxins and stop scare tissue, as will going for a multi vitamin and mineral supplement every single day. Try avoiding lots of processed sugars or empty carbohydrate calories. Daily exercise will boost circulation and blood flow and help flush toxins through the body. Besides removing acne, this will make our bodies healthier.

6 Tips You Can Use When Buying Lingerie For Women

Partly because there’s so much misinformation around, very few people are clear concerning the best method to secure a bigger penis. In surveys, men who are asked can name such ridiculous products as penis pumps, and extenders, and possess usually been aware of penis enhancement surgery; but very few learn about natural penis enhancement. That’s a great shame, because natural penis enhancement is unequivocally the best method to get a bigger penis. Yet right now natural enhancement remains a virtual secret. If you want to get ahead with the rest, natural penile enlargement will probably be the subsequent big thing.

The same goes regarding the online book sales market, based on a current report published by ZD Net Asia. Online book seller Amazon is beginning to in the competition against Barnes & Noble recently. As a show of friction, the business has decided to withdraw comics from DC Comics from its physical booksellers, simply because that DC Comics has signed an exclusivity cope with Amazon to make their digital versions on the Kindle platform rather than about the Barnes & Noble Nook. Now, your competitors isn’t only old vs. new (i.e. physical book stores versus online book selling sites), but even online sellers are increasingly in direct competition. This can be partly attributed to the fact many new players making the effort to type in the market and that some local book sellers are actually launching online services to have with the times.

For the purpose of helping others to better see the damage which can be done, I will exaggerate: Think of it as constantly ignoring that you are fond of someone. If you are having casual sex with multiple people, think of it as you might be constantly ignoring that you will be fond of every person as you go along. Now, don’t you think so this could possess some sort of emotionally draining effect on you, eventually? To make matters worse, imagine once you finally meet someone, someone whom you have a very true interest to create a relationship with; a relationship based off not just sex. How will you be emotionally stable enough to make such a thing succeed? If a person has multiple sex partners, this will lower their amount of oxytocin and inhibit their ability to bond with future partners (possibly one whom these are ready to “settle down with”). (Gungor, Mark. (March 16, 2009) ” The Damage of Sexual Promiscuity.” June 13, 2010 ) Simple http://stylecaster.com/how-to-be-sexy/ Methods – The Inside Track

It is perfectly fine to inform a camgirl that can be your first visit and ask for a guidance. Most camgirls will likely be very happy to explain how much you need from your video chat with them. Do not you can keep them describe you everything they are doing on cam. Most camgirls have this kind of massive amount activities that it will require a month to explain everything, and many likely they wouldn’t know where to start. Narrow down the question – ask them whether they certainly something that interests you. They are here to please you! You will be surprised how often you are going to hear “yes I do that” should you inquire further directly.

7 Dating Solutions designed for Skyrocketing Your Success By means of Women

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Customarily, both men and women seem to think that creativity in terms of relationships and going out with should be on the onus of the men. But believe it or not, gals, women who think up internet dating ideas have a distinct edge over men than people do not bother and result in it up to the men. Creative and unique creative ideas tend to bring enjoyment to help you both parties, but mostly it keeps the guys coming back for more.

Guys are more alike to a lot of women than you might think. Men as well enjoy surprises every now and then, and for a woman to surprise her man with interesting and creative ideas while from a date will definitely keep his interest in wanting to stick around with the second, third, fourth goes. Spontaneity is enjoyable to both genders, so it’s period for the ladies to stop waiting for the men to inject a little surprise within the dating game.

Forget about the same old tiresome routine. Forget about cold drinks, dinner, and movies. All those are the usual humdrum a lot of people go through; in fact they’ve grown to be so common that they should be considered routine. They’re no longer completely unique, memorable activities by themselves. They are too average to be remembered, and will inevitably bore someone into forgetfulness.

In fact, it may possibly do you some good to get touching your own inner children once in a while. Try these ideas rather than the old dating process, and you might find your guy calling you up for that second date sooner than you can expect.

While it’s understandable that girls are intellectual creatures whom prefer to bond over interactions, men are more physical wildlife who bond over activities that get the blood water removal. Men don’t feel the need to make sure you talk and open up basically so they can feel “closer” in your direction. Men and women are completely different pests, so if you want to appeal to a man to keep him interested for that second date, try doing what he really loves doing.

Another good reason that you should make things interesting on a date is so that the entire event won’t be completely based on conversation. For one thing, numerous men will tell you (if asked to be honest) it’s certainly caused by hard trying to focus on some conversation all night long, whether due to nervousness on the initial date or utter boredom.

In fact, if you drawn in a fun activity that gets him excited, he would affiliate the feeling of excitement and euphoria with you. This doesn’t mean that you should keep things centered around your man. You may still have a decent connection in between the activities, perhaps in lunch or dinner, intermissions between whatsoever it is you have planned. In that position, both you and your man will get what you both require.

Trust myself, go on a typical dinner-movie-drinks meeting, and ask a guy 2 weeks afterwards the details of that date. Chances are, he won’t be able to keep in mind half of it. Mind you, it may not be his fault. We usually tend to forget forgettable instances, persons alike. This is why we need to keep things interesting, so the date will be memorable, and together parties will be left wishing for more.

The typical man tends to possess an inner child in him, so it’s best if you can indulge that aspect of him once in a while. Go paintballing, laser tag shootouts, Formula A single simulations; any “guy” activity that might perk his interest and raise his thrills levels. Don’t feel that you’re being immature or that you’re too old when indulging in his most loved activity.


How to develop a Guy That you’re Madly pumped up about

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This is certainly a question that men always seem to have. Once should you tell a woman for which you love her? You don’t want to say this too soon, because that can make things rather awkward if she does not reciprocate or if your lady outright lets you know that this lady just does not feel precisely the same way about you. As well as, telling someone that you look and feel this way can make you feel very vulnerable and most guys simply don’t want to think that way. It’s only all natural that you would feel a bit hesitant to tell a woman that you just truly do love her, so when do you know that it must be a good time?

The best that you can do should be to evaluate whether or not the time is usually right for you and then handle that risk that she may say that she does not feel that way or that things may get uncomfortable between you and the girl’s. Do You REALLY Feel That Way and also Do You Just Like Being Around Her? Sometimes guys can usually get mixed up about how they truly feel about a woman.

They may feel that it is love that they feel when it is really attraction. Or simply admiration. Or, they simply know that they like appearing around her a lot plus they assume that it must result in they are falling in love with a girl. The thing is, if you are really focused on telling a woman the way for which you feel about her, then you may want to take a look at whether or not anyone feel that way, Confused? Okay explain a little more.

Honestly, there is really not a single answer that could apply to all situations and answer all questions relating to this. Some of it depends on you recognizing what is going on in your relationship and whether or not you have a good measure of what she feels on the subject of you. And the fact of the matter is that you can think that she seems that way and then get thrilled when she makes it obvious that she just does not have those same kinds of feelings for you.

So, a lot of the time it isn’t really that they have fallen for love that fast, it is that they just really enjoy which has a woman in their life. If perhaps that sounds like you, after that maybe you want to hold back concerning telling the woman you have been seeing that you love her. You must hold back so that you can tell if it is just companionship that you like and if it is really HER.

This concerns men that have not had much success when it comes to seeing a lot. They want to have a fiancee so bad, that when that they do end up dating women, they fall in love with her right away. At least, they think that they’ve already. What they are really being is the fact that they enjoy being around a woman and because of all of that loneliness that they can used to feel, the inner thoughts that they now have are amplified.

In contrast, if you do have a decent variety of experience with women and you simply know that this is really the manner that you feel – after that by all means go for it and tell her that you do indeed love her. Just be willing to take the risk that the girl may not say what you want her to say. If you can do that, then an time IS probably right to show her.

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


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新浪微博早于2011年已公布了有关“微博诚信体系建设”的新举措,并于这些年一直致力完善账号实名制,加速了互联网用户实名化。 近期国信办宣布的互联网用户账号名称管理规定(被业界称为“账号十条”)已于2015年3月1日开始施行。


一、  微博开放平台关于实名制相关策略如下:

1. 为了推行互联网实名制规定,微博开放平台将面向开发者开放授权用户的账号实名标识,通过实名制认证的账号会提供“已实名认证”标识,开发者可以通过上述信息去完善自己的账号实名化。

2. 对授权用户还将开放账号的信用等级、支付、兴趣标签等信息。

3. 下载新版SDK可使用手机注册服务,降低用户注册门槛和开发者投入成本(短信通道费用由微博承担)。


二、  在“基于用户授权开放微博数据”的核心原则下,微博开放平台将于3月31日对API接口进行升级:

1. 关系接口升级后返回同授权此应用的用户关系,为助力优质移动应用的成长,使用微博新版SDK3.0(包含以后版本)可额外申请上限500个跨应用用户关系。

2. 单UID调用接口频次上限为官方微博客户端人均调用接口频次的2倍。


4. 用户基于微博开放平台产生的公开数据要跟其他第三方开发者共享。


三、  与此同时,为了创造良好的平台生态,将会对应用自动发微博的违规行为进行治理,同时会根据分享内容的互动率对分享内容进行分发排序。

1. 站外分享内容和微博内生内容一样,在一段时间内会按照热度进行排序,开发者开放分享内容在微博产生的互动决定内容热度(例如,来自网易新闻的分享微博,产生的转发、评论等互动行为);

2. 针对有互动的开发者分享内容,微博开放平台进一步开放产生互动的用户基本信息(年龄、性别、地域等)


四、  开放平台积极致力于新产品的开发,以满足开发者的个性化需求:



五、  当接口调用不能满足开发需求,且授权用户数高于20万时,欢迎开发者申请合作伙伴洽谈。在保证用户隐私及信息安全的前提下,本着合作、合法、互利的原则,可以进行深度合作。


合作伙伴申请通道 weibo_app@vip.sina.com


为保证开发者平稳升级,以上产品会在3月31日至4月30日内陆续上线,请关注 @微博开放平台 的上线通知。







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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


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第三方应用“脉脉”2013年9月23日接入新浪微博开放平台,截至2014年8月15日,共通过新浪微博开放平台的 授权 接口累计获得17万的用户主动授权,但最近开放平台收到用户及其他合作伙伴反馈,脉脉存在盗取用户资料的行为,经开放平台查明,确实存在以下违规行为:

1、 通过不正当手段获得微博开放接口提供范围以外的数据,目前开放平台只允许第三方通过接口访问授权用户的昵称/性别/地区等个人基础资料信息,但经查实发现脉脉通过盗用用户授权身份,违规抓取17万授权用户的未同意开放的联系方式、教育经历、工作经历等隐私信息(见下图)。


2、 通过不正当手段(如恶意抓站),在用户不知情的情况下,通过盗用授权用户身份,抓取非授权用户的基本资料、联系方式、教育经历、工作经历等用户隐私信息,初步统计,脉脉违规抓取了远高于实际授权用户数的非授权用户个人信息(见下图)。










2013年11月26日 11:36 上午 分类: 接口动态   阅读: 15,591 /开放平台



2013年11月4日 10:14 上午 分类: 接口动态   阅读: 75,169 /linxing



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微博最近升级SDK,优化了 SSO 登陆方式。只需一次登录授权,即可通过微博帐号直接登录第三方应用和网站,不再需要重复设定帐号密码。新版 SDK 通过包名和签名验证应用身份,安全等级也有了提升。

通过新版的 SDK,第三方应用在分享到微博的时候,还可以直接调用新浪官方微博客户端的发布器,分享完成之后再直接返回第三方应用。为了保证没安装官方客户端用户的正常分享需求,过去第三方调用发博接口的方式也将并存。

新版 SDK 在分享上也有比较大的改进,不同于以往单纯的“文字 + 配图”的微博形式,新版 SDK 的分享将会以 Card 卡片的方式呈现。在原有的“文字 + 配图”的下方会带一个小的卡片,和现在的媒体微博以及将要发布的淘宝微博类似,将链接解析成一个 Card。

现有的官方微博客户端,在发微博的时候,可以在发布器中添加话题、图书、音乐和应用。不过之前都只支持新浪推荐的应用,升级 SDK 后“添加应用”功能也向第三方应用开放,第三方的应用可以被添加到到发博页面的附件栏,支持第三方应用快速启动,实现内容分享。

据了解,前期有 8 家移动应用已进行升级,包括网易新闻客户端,天猫等。对于第三方 Card 的接入还在逐步推进中。当前新版 SDK 已经发布了支持 iPhone 和 Android 的版本,iPad 版尚在规划阶段。接下来,微博还将实现 Card 在移动端和 PC 端的同时接入。



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         在课程的开始,我们先聊一下什么是微连接?微连接(Weibo Connect)是新浪微博针对第三方网站提供的社会化网络接入方案。 接入微连接可以让您的网站支持用新浪微博账号登录,让用户方便的分享网站的内容、在网站上关注您的官方微博。 使用微连接,可以快速为网站增加用户、流量和官方微博粉丝




了解微组件 (http://open.weibo.com/widgets?cat=wb




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3、2012年9月前后,禁止所有应用调用V1接口,具体时间请关注@微博开放平台 。


如果现有接口未能满足您的需求,欢迎@微博API进行反馈,我们将根据开发者需求强度及微博用户利益权衡适度开放。 阅读全文…


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例如:免费抢东东: http://apps.weibo.com/aidongdong

美丽说大姨妈: http://apps.weibo.com/superaunt

微电影: http://apps.weibo.com/dianying



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新浪微博位置平台正式上线不到三天的时间内,已有30多家应用开发者与新浪签订合作,其中包括淘身边酒店管家开开点评、订餐小秘书等优秀业内应用。 阅读全文…


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非常感谢您阅读这篇文档, 这说明您很可能有伟大想法和应用即将在新浪微博开放平台上提供给海量用户, 甚至已经上线了, 我们也为此而高兴。感谢您付出宝贵的才华与时间来开发新浪微博开放平台应用。从职业与报酬的角度而言,这对于成千上万的开发员来说一直都是一项值得投入的 事业。我们希望帮助您加入这个成功的组织。通过它,我们希望帮助您解决开发应用时遇到的问题,以便于您在提交应用时,可以加快审批流程的速度。

我们这里所说的应用是指:在新浪微博开放平台接入的提供服务的应用程序及授权网站。在我们的平台中已经拥有了超过 30万个应用。但我们仍然欢迎那些优质的应用接入我们平台。但如果您的应用没有什么有益的用途或者持续性的娱乐功能,则可能不会获得我方的接受。如果您的应用看上去像是那种只花了几天功夫简单拼凑出来的产品,或者只是想在我们的平台中抓住朋友的眼球,请提前做好遭拒的准备。我们有很多具有严谨态度的开发程序员不希望他们的高品质应用充斥在一些业余作品之中。

作为开发者,您最关心的也许是什么样的应用在新浪微博上能’火’? 这篇文档还回答不了这个问题, 但这篇文档会帮助您了解什么样的应用能够在新浪微博开放平台上发布。 阅读全文…


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一、 互联网地图服务甲级测绘资质


二、 强大的基础开发团队


三、 基于位置的兴趣图谱