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Authorize interface of OAuth2.



HTTP Request Method


Request Parameters

  Requires Type and Range Description
client_id true string AppKey created when an application is created.
redirect_uri true string Authorization callback address.Application outside the website need to be the same with the setted callback address,and application inside the website need to be the canvas page URL.
scope false string It need to be passed when applies for scope authorization.More than one scope can be applied at one time, and should be separated by simeangle comma.document
state false string State for keeping request and callback.It will be returned in Query Parameter when callback.
display false string Terminal type of the authorization page.The value is as follows.
forcelogin false boolean Whether the user need login again or not. true:Yes,false:No.Default is 'No'.
language false string The language type of authorization page. Default is Chinese. 'en' means English.

display description:
Parameter value Type Description
default Default authorization page.Apply to the web browser.
mobile Mobile termination authorization page.Apply to the mobile phone that supports html5.
wap Wap type authorization page. Apply to dumbphone.
client Client type authorization page.Apply to PC desktop application.
apponweibo Default authorization page of the application inside the website.Access_token is not returned after authorization.Only refresh the parent frame.


Returned Field Field Type Field Description
code string It is used for getting the access_token
state string It will be returned if parameter 'state' is provided




文档更新时间: 1 April 2013