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Return all kinds of unread count of a user.



Supported Formats


HTTP Request Method


Requires Login

See the Login and Authorization Mechanism Statement for login and authorization details.

Requests Count Limitation

Count Limitation:false
See the Interface Access Rights Statement for the request count limitation details.

Request Parameters

  Requires Type and Range Description
source false string This parameter is not needed when using OAuth.The value of this parameter is the AppKey.
access_token false string This parameter is required when using OAuth.You will get the access_token after oauth authorization.
uid true int64 User ID to be returned.
callback false string JSONP callback function. It is for returning the JS format informations.


This is a special interface.Please pay attention to the interface domain.And the interface doesn't support access_token temporarily.


JSON Example

    "status": 0,
    "follower": 1,
    "cmt": 0,
    "dm": 1,
    "mention_status": 0,
    "mention_cmt": 0,
    "group": 0,
    "private_group": 0,
    "notice": 0,
    "invite": 0,
    "badge": 0,
    "photo": 0

See the Error Code Description for the error information details.

Field Description

Returned Field Field Type Field Description
status int New weibos unread count
follower int New followers count
cmt int New comments count
dm int New direct messages count
mention_status int New weibos count mentioned me
mention_cmt int New comments count mentioned me
group int Weiqun messages unread count
private_group int Private weiqun messages unread count
notice int New notifications unread count
invite int New invitations unread count
badge int New medals count
photo int Photo album messages unread count



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