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Return the list of posts which mentions the current login user.



Supported Formats


HTTP Request Method


Requires Login

See the Login and Authorization Mechanism Statement for login and authorization details.

Requests Count Limitation

Request all APIs:

    • 50000/hour/IP;

Request Parameters

  Requires Type and Range Description
source false string This parameter is not needed when using OAuth.The value of this parameter is the AppKey.
access_token false string This parameter is required when using OAuth.You will get the access_token after oauth authorization.
since_id false int64 When this parameter is designated, return posts later than since_id. Defaults as 0.
max_id false int64 When this parameter is designated, return posts earlier than max_id. Defaults as 0.
count false int The maximum number of posts returned within one page is 200,which defaults as 20.
page false int The page number of returned results, defaults as 1.
flag false int Used for screening promoted posts. 0 for returning promoted posts and ordinary posts, 1 for promoted posts ,2 for ordinary posts. Defaults as 0.
filter_by_author false int The type of authors selecting :0 for all; 1 for followings;2 for strangers. Which defaults to 0.
filter_by_source false int The type of screened source: 0 for all, 1 for posts, 2 for chat groups. Defaults as 0.
filter_by_type false int The type of screened original posts: 0 for all posts, 1 for original posts. Defaults as 0.




JSON Example

    "statuses": [
            "created_at": "Tue May 31 17:46:55 +0800 2011",
            "id": 11488058246,
            "text": "求关注。",
            "source": "<a href="http://weibo.com" rel="nofollow">新浪微博</a>",
            "favorited": false,
            "truncated": false,
            "in_reply_to_status_id": "",
            "in_reply_to_user_id": "",
            "in_reply_to_screen_name": "",
            "geo": null,
            "mid": "5612814510546515491",
            "reposts_count": 8,
            "comments_count": 9,
            "annotations": [],
            "ad_flag": 1,   //用于标识是否是推广微博,1:推广微博;2:普通微博
            "type": "picture&video&music&text",  //微博类型
            "user": {
                "id": 1404376560,
                "screen_name": "zaku",
                "name": "zaku",
                "province": "11",
                "city": "5",
                "location": "北京 朝阳区",
                "description": "人生五十年,乃如梦如幻;有生斯有死,壮士复何憾。",
                "url": "http://blog.sina.com.cn/zaku",
                "profile_image_url": "http://tp1.sinaimg.cn/1404376560/50/0/1",
                "domain": "zaku",
                "gender": "m",
                "followers_count": 1204,
                "friends_count": 447,
                "statuses_count": 2908,
                "favourites_count": 0,
                "created_at": "Fri Aug 28 00:00:00 +0800 2009",
                "following": false,
                "allow_all_act_msg": false,
                "remark": "",
                "geo_enabled": true,
                "verified": false,
                "allow_all_comment": true,
                "avatar_large": "http://tp1.sinaimg.cn/1404376560/180/0/1",
                "verified_reason": "",
                "follow_me": false,
                "online_status": 0,
                "bi_followers_count": 215
    "previous_cursor": 0,                // 暂未支持
    "next_cursor": 11488013766, // 暂未支持
    "total_number": 81655
    "request": "/statuses/mentions/biz.json",
    "error_code": XXXXX,
    "error": "error message."

See the Error Code Description for the error information details.

Field Description




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