Error code definitions

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Error Code Definition

Error Code Description
211100 Connection is interrupted
211101 Miss param subid
211102 Param subid is illegal
211103 Ip is limited
211104 Pushing is suspended
211105 Pushing is not ready
211106 System error
211107 Call the wrong API
211108 Param since_id is illegal
211109 Quota is exceeded
211110 Param does not exist
211111 The total number of keywords/uids is out of 10000
211112 Protected keywords/uids are subscribed: XXX,XXX,...
211113 The number of param ‘add_keywords/del_keywords/add_uids/del_uids' specified is out of 20/50 per call
211114 The length of the keywords exceeds 12 Chinese characters: XXX,XXX,...
211115 The keywords/uids of this subid are empty
211116 The param 'add_keywords/del_keywords/add_uids/del_uids' is invalid
211117 Param 'add_keywords' and 'del_keywords' are both forbidden / Param 'add_uids' and 'del_uids' are both forbidden
211118 You are deleting all the keywords/uids
文档更新时间: 2013-11-07