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User profile, including the newest weibo.

Field Description

  • id: User ID
  • screen_name: User’s nickname displayed on the home page
  • name: Friendly displayed name, the same as screen_name
  • province: Province code ( see Province and city code table)
  • city: City code ( see Province and city code table)
  • location:Address
  • description: Personal description
  • url: Url of the user’s blog
  • profile_image_url: Profile image
  • domain: The user’s personalized weibo url
  • gender: Gender, m—male, f- - female, n-- unknown
  • followers_count: Followers count
  • friends_count: Following count
  • statuses_count: Weibo count
  • favourites_count: Favorites count
  • created_at: Created time
  • following: Whether the current user is following the user that posts the weibo (Not supported yet)
  • verified: Whether the user is verified by his real identity, marked with “V”

Language: 中文  | English
文档更新时间: 26 January 2011