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Weibo with metadata

Metadata can be event, character, place etc. It can be detected by other applications and search engine. With this information, developer can develop kinds of different applications.

When you create a weibo, you can attach one or more metadata to this weibo. These data is a structured information about his weibo. You can choose the content, but the data struct and grammar should follows the standard.


"annotations": [
    {"movie": {
	"title": "Wall Street",
	"url": "",
	"text": "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps"}}],

Weibo Metadata Format

Metadata is constructed by type, attribute and value:

"annotations": [{"type": {"attribute": "value"}}]

One attribute corresponds one value, one type can have many attributes, one weibo can have many types.

"annotations": [
    {"type": {
        "another_attribute": "value",
        "attribute": "value"}},
    {"type": {
        "another_attribute": "value",
        "attribute": "value"}}]


TYPE Description
webpage webpage with text, picture, news, blogs
product product information
video video information
movie movie information
song song information
people people information
place Geo information
review review information
restaurant restaurant inforamtion
book book information
stock stock information
event event information
vote vote statistics information
pay payment information
job jobs information
game game information
app application information


general attribute

all the attributes can use these field:

Attribute Value
title title
image image
url URL
text test

type attribute

Different types have different meanings, and many type attributes can be used together.


Attribute Value
title title
image image
url url of the metadata


Attribute value
brand brand of the product
model model
price pricel, including Dollar sign
origin place of origin
category category


Attribute Value
title title of the video
url URL of the video
player_url URL of the video player


Attribute Value
title movie title/td>
url URL of the movie webpage
director director name
year produced yeah, format:YYYY


Attribute Value
title music title
url URL of introducing webpage
artist artist
year producing year, format:YYYY
genre music type
album album


Attribute Value
title name
url URL of introducing page of the person
hometown hometown
birthday birthday, format: MM/DD/YYYY


Attribute Value
title Place name
url URL of introducing webpage
street_address street address
locality district, county
region province, city
postal_code ZIP code
country_name country name
phone phone number
latitude latitude
longitude longitude


Attribute Value
content content
rating rating. 3/5 starts is "0.6”
url url


Attribute Value
cuisine cuisine
pricerange average price per person. format: ¥nn-¥mm


Attribute Value
isbn ISBN number of the book
author author
publisher publisher
year publishing year. format: YYYY


Attribute Value
symbol symbol
price Price, including the Dollar sign: ¥nnn.nn


Attribute Value
location location
start_date starting date
end_date end date


Attribute Value
option options of the vote
count count


Attribute Value
seller Seller
end_date end date
price price, including Dollar sign, eg: ¥nnn.nn
discount discount, nn% or ¥nnn.nn


Attribute Value
company company
duties duties


Attribute Value
manufacturer manufacturer
platform platform, eg: PC、PSP


Attribute Value
author author of the application
tags tags
category category
rating rating, 3/5 stars is “0.6”

Metadata Limitation

The length of metadata can't be more than 512 characters.

Currently, we only support JSON.


[{"type": {"attribute": "value"}}]

Weibo with metadata

See post weibo with metadata

An example of weibo with metadata

	"created_at":"Fri Jul 30 14:01:57 +0800 2010",
	"text":"playing with cURL and the Sina API",
	"source":"<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">dabr for weibo</a>",
		"location":"广东 广州",
		"created_at":"Tue Oct 20 00:00:00 +0800 2009",

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